About Zanzibar

Anchored 22 miles off Tanzania's coast, Zanzibar is an archipelago of over 50 islands and islets.

Zanzibar is considered the best beach holiday destination in East Africa, with beautiful white sands and clear blue waters stretching as far as the eye can see.

As a primary trading post on the spice, silk and slave trade routes for over a millennium, Zanzibar has been a unique cultural crossroads, blending African, Indian, Arabian and European cultures. This is most apparent in the Old Stone Town, one of the few remaining ancient towns in Africa. Stone Town is a labyrinth of fascinating alleyways, interposed between towering limestone houses, each with ornately carved hardwood doors with brass finishings and terracotta roofs.

Alongside the architecture, Zanzibar is unique in its cuisine, religion, politics, and way of life. It's very different to mainland Tanzania, and makes for a perfect start or end to an East African safari.

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Zanzibar, TZ
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